Dog Bed For Car Seat

      Let your furry member enjoy the ride in style and comfort with our exclusive collection of travel pods. A need of every pet parent with a wanderlust spirit!  Luther Bennett’s luxury dog car seats are second to none.


      Different Types of Car Seat Dog Beds

       Luther Bennett provides a range of car beds for dogs of different sizes and breeds. Here are some of the choices available that will help you pick the right option for your pooch. 

      Pet Travel Beds For Small Breeds

      Designed to offer warm and inviting space for your pint-sized pup. The small breed dog pods are easy to clean and portable. Your small furry friend can relax and enjoy the ride and make every trip a pleasant experience.

      Dog Car Seats For Mid-Size Dogs 

      Created keeping the needs of medium-sized dogs in mind.  Luther Bennett’s portable dog beds ensure your fur baby feels at ease throughout the journey. This gives pet owners a sense of security and prevents their dogs from moving around during turns or stops.

      Car Dog Beds For Large Dogs

      A large dog bed for the car fits in the back seat or the trunk of your car, giving more space and support than a regular seat or crate. These prevent your dog from sliding or falling off the seat, which can cause injuries or anxiety.

      Keep a frequent check on the page to find more travel pods for your dogs.  Gear up to have the ultimate fun with your fur buddy.

      Car Seat Dog Bed Features

      Luther Bennett offers a huge collection of dog Travel Pods, but here are some features you must look for when choosing the right one for your pet:

      Size Options:

      Travel pods come in different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and sizes. Check the space in your car and choose a size that fits your space appropriately. Picking the right size will give your pet enough space to stretch and lie down comfortably.

      Material Quality:

      The material used in the bed directly affects your dog's comfort during car rides. Always look for durable and comfortable fabric materials that are easy to clean and maintain - just like the ones available in Luther Bennett’s Dog Pods collection. Comfortable and cozy, your dog can snuggle into deep sleep in no time.

      Safety & Fitting:

      Properly fitted dog beds prevent your pet from sliding or falling off during sudden stops or turns, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a safer travel experience. That is why dog beds from Luther Bennett come with proper attachments that can secure the bed to the car seat.


      Portable car beds for dogs allow you to take your pet with you on various adventures, making it ideal for road trips and outdoor activities. This gives your furry friend the comfort and familiarity they deserve wherever your adventures take you.

      Water Resistance

      Pets can have accidents or spills during car rides, more likely when they are prone to motion sickness or anxiety. A water-resistant luxury dog car seat helps protect the car's interior from stains and odors caused by such incidents.

      Benefits of Using Dog Beds For The Car Seat

      Dog Pods are a must-have for happy travels with your pets and here are some of the benefits you must know:

      Comfort & Security

      The car beds for pets offer a designated and comfortable space for your dog to rest while traveling for hours. The cozy padding and bedding can help your dog remain stable and safe in the car.

      Protects Car Interiors

      The pet beds act as a barrier between your dog and the car's interior, protecting it from scratches, fur, and dirt. This eventually saves you time and effort in cleaning.

      Prevents Motion Sickness

      It is common for some dogs to suffer from motion sickness during car rides. A well-designed dog Travel Pod like ours can offer better support and stability, potentially reducing motion-related discomfort.

      Promotes Better Behavior

      Having a designated space for your dog in the car can encourage better behavior. It gives them a clear boundary and helps them associate car rides with a positive experience.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      • 1. Are car seat dog beds safe to use?

        Yes, Luther Bennett’s dog beds are specifically made for travel purposes. They come with safety straps and handles to ensure no injury to your pooch.

      • 2. Can I use a regular dog bed in the car?

        A regular dog bed may not be the ideal solution, especially if traveling on uneven roads. Instead, a specifically engineered Car Seat Dog Bed would offer the necessary features to ensure your pet's comfort while in the car.

      • 3. What is the right size of dog bed for my dog?

        The size of the car bed depends on the size of your dog and the available space in your car. Measure the area where you plan to place the bed and choose a size that allows your dog to lie down comfortably without taking up too much space..

      • 4. How do I clean the car bed?

        Luther Bennet’s travel Dog Pods are easy to clean. Simply use a soft brush to remove any hair or dirt from the surface.

      • 5. Can I use the dog bed for car seat outdoors?

        Travel pods for pets are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These can be easily used for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping, or relaxing in the backyard.