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Unbox, Setup & Go!

We provide all of the nessecery attachments to ensure you are travel ready.

With each order we provide 4 straps.

2 Safety Buckle Straps - These will be used to harness your Dog Pod into the front or back seat

2 Metal Ended Safety Leashes - Attach one strap to your dogs harness to ensure you are highway code compliant. The other one can be used as a spare or for a second passenger!

Let Your Dog Sink In & Enjoy The Ride

The reason dogs feel sick in the car is that they are constantly trying to counterbalance the movement of the vehicle.

Our beds have been super successful with anxious pups because we pack them out with an unbelievable amount of stuffing:

Allowing your pup to sink in and enjoy the ride, no matter what corner you take.

We have a number of testimonials on our page talking about how the Dog Pod has been an instant cure for their dogs travel anxiety.

Protect Your Car & Stay Highway Code Compliant

It is illegal to travel with an unrestrained dog.

Luther Bennett Dog Pods ensure you are staying highway code compliant whilst also protecting your car seats from hair, scratches & rips.

Built To Withstand Any Adventure

Constructed from high-quality polyester (often referred to the steel of plastics), these durable materials that withstand the test of time and travel.

The Luther Bennett Dog Pod is highly water resistant, machine washable and extremely comfy despite its hardiness to wear and tear

Unzip and Turn Your Dog Pod Into A Mini Couch!

With the Dog Pod, we've reimagined the concept of a dog bed, breaking free from the limitations of traditional designs.

When you arrive at your destination simply unzip the front wall of your Dog Pod to create a cozy recliner.


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Will This Cure My Dogs Travel Anxiety?

While we cannot guarantee it will solve your dog’s car anxiety, we are 99% sure it will.

We have racked up thousands of testimonials over the years and are confident enough to offer a money-back guarantee if it does not help your dog.

What Size Should I Buy For My Dog?

There are two sizes to choose from:

- The Travel Dog Pod

- The XL Pet Pod

The Travel Dog Pod is suitable for use as a bed and car seat and is intended for pups no larger than 16.5 kg.

If it is only going to be used as a car seat, then you could fit a slightly larger dog in there, but as a bed they will likely need more legroom.

For example, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Female whippet or a Golden Doodle would all be great examples of pups who use our pods in the car.

However, for a permanent bed, they may want the XL Pet Pod.

The XL Pet Pod is suitable for dogs up to 60 kg

If you are still unsure we would be more than happy to personally recommend the best option for you.

Just send us a message with some information about your dog, their weight/breed and their needs.

Our Happy Customers page is a great place for reference also.


Can I travel with two dogs in the Pod?

Yes, you can!

As long as both dogs can comfortably fit in the pod, we provide two safety leashes with every order, so you have all the attachments needed to travel with two dogs without needing to purchase another strap.

Do You Offer a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, we do! We are confident in our products and stand by their quality and effectiveness.

Should you want to make a return please get in touch with us.

Can the Dog Pod Be Used in Both the Back and Front Seat?

Yes, it can! The Dog Pod can be easily installed in both the back and front seats. The setup remains the same: simply attach the strap around the rear folding seat to secure it in place. This ensures your pet stays safe and comfortable no matter where you place the Pod.

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Looking For Something A Little Bigger?

Travelling with a bigger dog or the whole pack?

Check out our XL Pet Pod.

It still has the same amazing features just bigger.

The XL Pet Pod will occupy two of the back seats or you can attach it into the boot.

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