It is very dreamy to picture the dog sticking its head out of the car window while you drive the car. However, what’s not fascinating is the constant fear that lingers on the top of your mind if something happens.

This something could be the dog jumping out of the car, slipping, or just the travel anxiety for the dogs themselves.

There is only one thing that makes the perfect sense- a dog car seat!

Yes, you read that right! And that’s exactly what we are talking about in this blog.

A dog car seat. It is an absolutely essential accessory for dog owners!

But with plenty of options to choose from, what guarantees that you won't be wasting your money? Hence, here is a blog post about things you need to consider before buying a dog car seat.

8 Must-Know Things To Consider Before Buying A Dog Car Seat

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind before splurging on a dog car seat. 

1. The Size of The Dog Seat

First things first, the size of the dog should be your topmost consideration while opting for the dog car seat. Too big of a dog seat won't serve any purpose; meanwhile, too small of the seat will just make the dog uncomfortable.

While dogs come in many shapes and sizes, it's impossible for one size to fit all the dogs. There are wide ranges of car seats available in the market for small dogs up to 15 pounds or big dogs up to 30 pounds.

2. The Seat’s Comfortability

The next thing that you are supposed to consider is the comfort level of the seat. Some seats are hard at the bottom, while others are soft. For a comfortable ride, you need to have a cozy seat after getting the right size.

The appropriate dog seat will have padded cushioning to provide the dogs with the utmost comfort.


3. Don’t Ignore the Safety

A sudden turn could create chaos, so another important thing to keep into consideration is the safety of your pup. To keep your dog, secure the seat should be secured to a rigid anchor point.

Slipping in the car and accidents within the car are common, and cars are one of the reasons why dogs instill travel anxiety in themselves in the first place.

Again, one thing that is really important to consider when it comes to the safety belts of the dog car seat is that they aren’t too tight or too loose.

4. The Usability 

Do you know that a dog car seat can serve more than one purpose? Yes, it would be considered an excellent purchase if you can use the dog car seat for multiple things. Some portable dog car seats can be used as a dog bed that you can lift and take anywhere, even if you are not riding in a car. 

Do you want to take your puppy for the coffee walk?

Carry the dog seat in your hand, and you are good to go! That's what makes it a good dog car seat.

5. Booster Seat

If your car seat is a booster seat, it will allow your pet to look outside the window and feel the breeze.

If you are a dog owner, you will agree on the fact that dogs can be needy just like babies, and they seek your attention while you are driving.

That's where the booster seat comes in handy, where you can drive with all your focus on the road, while the view outside the window can keep the dog distracted.


6. The Feasibility to Set Up

While we are talking about the dog car seat, one thing that people tend to overlook and realize later on is that they are having a hard time fixing and unfixing the seat in the car.

The feasibility of setting it up and taking it out of the car is essential, or else you will find yourself in great trouble.

7. The Easiness to Clean

You will agree that dog likes to surprise us oftentimes. Unfavourable accidents are often in the car. And not just that, dog hair sheds quite a bit. And you can notice them everywhere in the room. 

Now imagine a dog car seat that doesn’t allow the proper cleaning and the misery you have to go through to put the dog seat in the car while it stinks.

This won't be an issue if you keep this thing in mind and choose a dog car seat accordingly.

Washable and removable cushions or the covers of the dog seat are preferable.

8. Fits In the Budget

Whenever we talk about purchasing something, we definitely make up our minds about what it will cost us. Similarly, there is a set amount of money you are ready to spend on the dog car seat and not willing to exceed that amount, and rightfully so.

Make sure that you find a reasonable dog car seat with all the must-haves yet does the job well.

Keeping these 8 points in mind will not help you save your money but also the time and effort that you would have employed in considering the dog car seat options.


The Travel Dog Pod- Treat Your Dog to A Different Class of Bed!

At Luther Bennett, we reckoned that despite so many dog car seat options in the market, there is not a single option that checks all the points mentioned above. Hence, we came out with the travel dog pod for every dog owner’s ease.

Easy to carry, stylish, and comfortable, the travel dog pod is every dog’s sweet dream.

Here is a list of things why travel dog pod IS the right choice for you:

  1. It isn’t an ordinary car dog seat but a stylish one to go along with your bossy dog’s attitude.
  2. It is portable, which means you can lift and carry it anywhere you want to.
  3. Relaxing cushioning for the dog to ensure they are well-rested even in the car.
  4. Woven handles enable it to carry in hands for a park stalk nearby.
  5. The five cushions of the dog seat enable the dog to be relaxed at all times and provide them with a cozy atmosphere where they can hide, relax and rest.
  6. It comes with adjustable seat belts, which means no worries regarding whether your dog will fit the size of the belt or not.
  7. The durable fabric allows cleaning of the seat.
  8. It makes a perfect bed for your dog to sleep in anywhere, not just the car!

We don’t see a reason not to treat the dogs with this travel dog pod, do you?

As mentioned earlier, the chances of dog accidents are very common, and so is the travel anxiety among dogs. However, that doesn't mean you can never take your best friend (read puppy) on drives with you because you can if you have the right accessories to provide security with your dogs.

Our dog car seat is perfectly designed to provide comfort to your dog so that they enjoy the journey with your with being scared. This big moving machine that we call a car is surely not a norm for dogs. But there are some measures you can take to familiarize them with the concept of cars and driving.

Dog accessories are very rare to find. But most importantly, the appropriate accessories that fit well with the requirements and aren’t a waste of money are really hard to find.

In Nutshell 

Dogs are as precious to the dog owners as their babies; in fact, some love them way more. Hence, you need to reflect that love and care in things you choose to buy for your dog, for example, the dog car seat. In that case, we have a detailed list of things you need to keep in your mind before spending money on the dog car seat.

How about you treat your dog with a comfy, secure dog car seat that is multipurpose and allows you to carry your dog anywhere without a worry?

Thankfully, we have an amazing product for you and your dog's need- the travel dog pod, which comes in amazing quality and price that fit your budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the website and place an order to surprise your dog. It's about time you treat the dog for all the times it has become your pillar of strength.

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