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Travel Dog Pod
Tracey Willats
Second travel dog pod

We liked it so much we bought another one for the puppy. Good quality safe and comfy for the dog. Good customer service quick delivery. Highly recommend

Travel Dog Pod
Amanda Briggs-wilson
Fabulous car seat

Love our car pod. Delivery was fast, customer service really good and the product is beautiful and easy to put together. Can’t wait to start using it as soon as we pick our new family member.

Travel Dog Pod
Emily Dunn
My boys love it ❤️

My mini sausage dogs love their new pod. Willie was always nervous when traveling in a car but now he feels secure and confident and even sleeps on short journeys

Travel Dog Pod
Elfi Weinmann
Perfect <3

Our dog (Dachshund)loves loves loves this car seat! It´s the best we ever had. The dog is absolutely comfortable and safe. Thanks for the kind and perfect contact and the fast delivery to Germany. We´ll buy again!

Travel Dog Pod
Ann (Lee) Sexton

The best thing I have bought for my pupper Quality and style unreal. Love it x. Love them !!!🙂

Best travel pod

The dog world (specifically the Dachshund world) has been looking for a product like this for years and finally Luther Bennett have created it. Not only is it a stylist travel pod for your dog to remain safe in the car, but really does lower their anxiety and excitement. My car journeys are now quieter and calmer which is heaven. And to make it even better, it can be a bed out of the car, so you can put in someone’s house and the dogs will always settle because they love it so much. Thank you Luther Bennett so much.
PS. The customer service is better than I have ever received!

Travel Dog Pod
Jo Crowther

I collect my puppy 7/1 so have put the travel bag in my car ready very easy to fit .

Travel Dog Pod
sue swanick
Travel pod

Absolutely luv it so does the dog, straps a little bit long, even when on shortest, need two shorter ones, but still would recommend it.

Travel Dog Pod
Sarah Teagle
Travel dog bag

Fantastic quality and service. We have a paralysed Dachshund so this item is absolutely fantastic to help us with Bella. She uses it as a bed in the house but can then carry her to the car in it. She is then safe and secure once in the car. Can not explain how much this helps

Travel Dog Pod
Beryl Fielding
Travel bed

My Jack Russell Skye is quite a timid traveller in the car since she has been in the bed she settles down and goes to sleep .... less stress for me when I am driving ..... it certainly ticks all the boxes ... great idea !

Travel Dog Pod
Diana Humphries
Plush travel comfort

Love these travel beds so much. It is like wrapping your dog up in a warm cocoon of comfort. Travelling in the car will be a breeze now. Highly recommend.

Travel Dog Pod
Dan Cunnington
Excellent Product! Pup loves it!

Great service, from order to delivery to customer service. Highly Recommend!! Thanks guys

Travel Dog Pod
Frazer Moor
Two Chewys

Houses my two chewys with plenty of room to spare.

Travel Dog Pod
Reece Secker
French Bulldog

Quality product and packaging. Well thought out the design comes in very handy.

Travel Dog Pod
Francesca Tuffin
Travel Dog Pod

Great purchase for the dogs great addition for our trips when we travel, quick delivery and lovely quality.

Travel Dog Pod
Grace Rae
Travel Dog Bed

great quality, dogs absolutely love it and plus very fast delivery times just under 2 days, very impressed with purchase and will be looking forward to using this dog bed when me and family go travelling. Great for dogs to chill in when were sat in the livingroom too.

Travel Dog Pod
Carter D.

Good quality

Travel Dog Pod
Maureen M

My dog is my best friend. She deserves the best and now has the best bed.

I only really use this for the car.

I feel great abut travelling with my dog now! Excellent bed. Thanks LB.

The materials are heavy duty. Cleaning the bed is easy.

My dog always used to misbehave in the car but as soon as we got her a travel pod all of that just went away. Its like she just wanted to relax in her bed and get to the destination

A worthwhile investment in our dogs safety, and our piece of mind.

Travel Dog Pod
Vanessa K

The Luther Bennett Travel Pod is brilliant. *****

It was impossible to take our dog in the car before. Now he travels with ease. Loves his Travel Pod.