Dachshund Honey Comb Dog Coat

Dachshund Honey Comb Dog Coat

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X-Small (XS)
Best suited for young or small Dachshunds

Weight Range: 2.2kg - 4.4kg

  • Back: 12" to 13.5" (30cm to 34cm)
  • Chest: 12" to 18" (30cm to 45cm)
  • Neck: 9" to 15" (23cm to 38cm)

Small (S)
Designed for Small to Medium Miniature Dachshunds
Weight Range: 4.1kg - 5.9kg

  • Back: 14" to 15.5" (35cm to 39cm)
  • Chest: 13" to 19" (33cm to 48cm)
  • Neck: 10" to 16" (25cm to 40cm)

Medium (M)
Tailored for longer or chunkier Miniature Dachshunds, or small Standard Dachshunds
Weight Range: 5.9kg - 7.5kg

  • Back: 16" to 18" (40cm to 45cm)
  • Chest: 16" to 22" (40cm to 55cm)
  • Neck: 11" to 17" (28cm to 43cm)

Large (L)

Suitable for medium to large Standard Dachshunds.

Weight Range: 7.5kg - 11.8kg

  • Back: 20" to 22" (50cm to 55cm)
  • Chest: 19" to 26" (48cm to 66cm)
  • Neck: 12" to 19" (30cm to 48cm)

Luther Bennett Dachshund Honey Comb Dog Coat 🐾

🐾 Luther Bennett Dachshund Honey Comb Dog Coat 🐾

We are thrilled to announce that our dog coat has been rated as the #1 Dog Coat by SmartBark!

With our dedicated dachshund following in mind, we've decided to introduce specialist sizing for our longer-bodied friends.

But we need your input to make this a reality! Join us on this development journey by joining the waiting list and sharing the news with fellow dachshund enthusiasts. Your feedback will help us tailor-make any final touches before we release this coat in Autumn.

Designed to keep your furry friend dry and comfortable in any weather, our coat features:

🧥 Chic Quilted Design: Beyond a fashion statement, this design offers warmth and breathability, ensuring your pup stays cosy without overheating.

🐕‍🦺 Built-in Harness Hole: Effortlessly attach a leash or harness for walks in no time.

❄️ Weather-Ready: With a waterproof shell and warm fleece layer, our coat is perfect for all weather conditions, from drizzles to snow.

🧼 Machine Washable: Love the adventures, not the stains. Easy to clean for muddy, fun-filled days.

Crafted with high-quality materials:

💨 Exterior: Breathable polyester for style and durability.

🌡️ Filling: Cozy PP cotton for warmth and comfort.

🤗 Lining: Soft polar fleece for extra snuggle factor.

Exciting New Features Coming Soon:

🔘 Front Buttons: Easy-on, easy-off design for simpler dressing.

🎯 Specific Dachshund Sizing: Tailored to cater to all sizes of dachshunds, ensuring a perfect fit for your beloved sausage dog.

Join the Waitlist:

Stay informed about our new dachshund coat designs and be the first to know when they are available. Join our waitlist for exclusive updates and ensure your dachshund is always at the forefront of style and comfort.

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